Height Growth In Adolescents Aged 16 Years?

Illustration of Height Growth In Adolescents Aged 16 Years?
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Evening doctor, I want to ask if at 16, my body can still be tall? I am already in middle school and my body still looks like a junior high school student, sometimes it is also mistaken for an elementary school student, how can I make my body tall like my friends who are taller than me

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different height for each individual. Height can be influenced due to several factors such as nutritional factors, physical activity, to genetics / heredity. If you have reached the age of 16 years, in general, the epiphyseal bones have closed so that height growth does not occur again.

There are some tips that might help increase height, such as:

Do regular exercise, doing regular exercise at the age of 16 may still have an impact on your height. Do sports such as running or swimming
consumption of nutritious foods, consumption of foods high in calcium and protein such as chicken, beef, fish, eggs, milk
Do not smoke
Adequate rest is also very important
You can use shoes with thicker pads, or high heels so that they can disguise your height.

the following articles that you can read about height

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