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Hello, do you have red spots on your hands, but no itching at all, your body temperature is also normal + a history of not having allergies? Tsk

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red spots on the body that do not feel itchy can be caused by several causes including:

Irritation: Skin irritation is a condition where the body's skin experiences problems such as itching, inflammation, redness, cracking, scaling or the appearance of patches in the area. certain where the skin is not resistant to it so that this condition can trigger the onset of irritation which is characterized by redness and pain which is also called irritant contact dermatitis.
allergic: maybe you if you do not experience allergies but allergies can come when you have too much contact with these allergens so that your body can not tolerate them. Red spots that can appear on the skin may arise after using certain ingredients that are allergens to your skin.
petechiae / purpura: The appearance of reddish purple spots on the skin that occurs when small blood vessels are brittle and leak where blood seeps into the skin. This condition is a symptom of many conditions such as congenital rubella syndrome, autoimmune diseases, vasculitis, taking drugs that affect platelets and so on. Please note, this condition will also cause red spots on the skin.

to ensure the cause of this must be examined directly by a doctor, there are some things you can do before consulting a doctor:

avoid scratching the wound
avoid moist things
make sure your temperature does not have a fever
You can compress with a cold compress on the affected part
keep sleeping and the room always cleaned
Drink a lot of water
You can apply hypoalrgenic moisturizers
use hypoallergenic soap for a while

if your complaint of red spots does not improve, you should also consult this to a dermatologist to do a direct examination so that the doctor can know your cause and provide appropriate therapy.

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

get well soon for you

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