Hemangioma Of The Finger?

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Hello, I want to ask, I have a hemangioma on my finger, the doctor recommends surgery, but the tumor sometimes goes flat, several days, but suddenly swells again when I wake up until I feel pain, it seems like the influence of the food I eat. What foods should I avoid? Thank you in advance.

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Hello Usfiani

Hemangioma, although classified as a tumor, is generally not dangerous, hemangioma itself is a birthmark due to excessive growth of blood vessels so that eventually red / purple / blue bumps appear on the skin.

Although hemangiomas are generally harmless, various symptoms such as pain and easy bleeding can occur. In addition, the presence of hemangiomas can certainly interfere with aesthetics. Hemangioma handling can be done by administering drugs such as the corticosteroid class, the beta blocker class, and the chemotherapy drug class. If the treatment does not respond well enough, surgery or laser may be needed.

Hemangioma itself can exist because it is influenced by genetic factors and premature birth, besides that hemangiomas also tend to be experienced by women. Food and drinks will not directly affect the hemangioma condition, so there is almost no prohibition against certain types of food / drinks, unless you are allergic to that type of food / drink.

In general, hemangiomas do not require special treatment, but as advice for Usfiani is not to scratch, press, pinch the hemagioma, because it actually triggers bleeding and also pain. If the hemangioma is injured and bleeding, immediately clean the wound with a solution of povidone iodine, then cover with a bandage. If the blood loss doesn't stop then you are expected to immediately go to a health facility so you can get further treatment.

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