Hematology Blood Test Lab Results?

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Ass. I am a 24 year old male, I want to ask about the results of my blood test. -NEUT% 40.1. – LYMPH% 42.2. -MONO% 7,9. – EO% 9.6. – BASO% 0.2. Am I having a certain disease or what is the solution? Thank you

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Wa alaikumsalam Bara, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. We apologize in advance for the late answer you received due to a technical error on our part.

The body has several blood cells. Namely red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets or platelets. White blood cells in the human body play a role in fighting infections originating from bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and other disease-causing agents, so usually, doctors examine white blood cells to be able to know more with certainty, what disease-causing agent is infecting themselves. You can provide a more accurate handling. But not only that, white blood cells also consist of various other components. The lab results you give, show the percentage of the components of the white blood cells. Knowing in more detail about which of these components has abnormal values, can provide more information about your health condition.

And the lab results you provide, have reference values ​​/ normal values ​​as follows:

Neut%: 50-70
Lymf%: 25-60
Mono%: 2-4
Eos% 2.0-4.0
Baso%: 0-1

In your case, you have a low yield on the neutrophil component (Neut), and a high yield on the monocyte (Mono) and eosinophil (Eo).

Low neutrophil levels can be found in the following conditions:

Hepatitis A, B and C infection
Lack of vitamins

Meanwhile, high levels of monocytes can be found in the following conditions:

Immune disorders
TB infection
White blood cell malignancy

And high eosinophil levels occur in:

Medicine Allergy
Atopic dermatitis skin disorders

However, what you need to know, these numbers fall into the category of investigations, where the diagnosis still relies on the results of history, physical examination and possibly other support. Because as you can see, just one normal result can provide a lot of possibilities, and that's not even what we say.

So our advice, convey these results to the doctor who asked you to do it, so that they can be combined with other examination results to be a unified diagnosis. Only then can you be given treatment according to your condition.

Meanwhile, keep your immune system by staying away from cigarette smoke, stress, adequate rest, regular exercise, and increasing consumption of nutrient-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. We wish you and your family good health.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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