Hemil With His Hair Close To After Giving Birth?

Illustration of Hemil With His Hair Close To After Giving Birth?
Illustration: Hemil With His Hair Close To After Giving Birth? westjem.com

want to ask, can you get pregnant after giving birth even though you haven’t menstruated after the postpartum 45 days? Hb with a husband does not come out inside?

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After becoming pregnant and giving birth, a woman can immediately return to fertility after childbirth. Therefore, if you have sexual relations with your partner without security, then obviously you have the potential to get pregnant. Ejaculation is not carried out in the vagina can reduce the potential for this pregnancy. However, this does not necessarily cause you to not be pregnant at all. Because, there could be sperm cells that are already out in the vagina before your husband pulls his penis out (for example in pre-ejaculatory fluid).

Signs of pregnancy you can observe from a variety of symptoms, for example not menstruation, nausea, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, hardened and more sensitive breasts, mood swing, and so on. However, to find out if you really are pregnant or not, you need to do a more objective examination, one of which is through a testpack. You can also, you check yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician to confirm the results of the testpack examination to be more accurate.

The ideal interval between pregnancies should be between 2 and 5 years. The distance between pregnancies that are too close risks causing you to fail to breastfeed your baby's milk as needed. Not only that, women who get too close to pregnancy are also more at risk of developing pregnancy complications (such as miscarriage, fetal developmental obstacle, hypertension, or gestational diabetes) and postpartum (such as infection or bleeding). Therefore, after giving birth, you should consult with your doctor directly regarding the selection of an appropriate contraceptive method. Also feed your baby with breast milk which can act as a natural contraceptive.

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