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want to ask, my aptt is prolonged and I have iron deficiency anemia, is it related to anemia and prolonged aptt? And often the joints hurt, bruises and gums bleeding all the time, my stools were mixed with blood. Do you think it’s dangerous? I also had a complete blood count. I’m afraid of hemophilia. Even though my family has no history of hemophilia, can hemophilia not come from heredity? If possible, why? Thank you

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Hello, good morning Ferrentdyah.

APTT (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time) is a blood lab test to measure the time it takes for blood to form a blood clot so that it can stop bleeding. The APTT test is mainly done to determine the work of blood clotting factors, namely factors VIII, IX, XI, and XII . If any of these factors is low it will cause the freezing time to be prolonged (prolonged APTT). APTT that is prolonged can be caused by several possible diseases, including:

Hemophilia A, which is a disorder of clotting factor VIII and Hemophilia B (Chritmas Disease), which is a disorder of clotting factor IX. Hemophilia is more common in men, although women can also experience this disease. Hemophilia can be inherited (from one or both parents), or acquired (without a family history of the disease), although this is rare. In hemophilia that is not passed on from a parent, the suspected cause is an autoimmune disease. However, it should be noted that women can also act as carriers of hemophilia, which means that they carry the gene for hemophilia but do not show any symptoms, and they can still pass the gene on to their offspring. Symptoms of hemophilia include easy bruising, frequent bleeding (such as bleeding gums and bleeding in the joint area), and tingling and mild pain in the knee, elbow, and ankle joints.

Von Willebrand Disease (VWD), is an inherited disorder, namely a protein disorder called Von Willebrand which is found in the blood that does not function normally or the amount is too little, causing disruption in the blood clotting process. Symptoms of VWD can be found at any time from birth. Symptoms are almost the same as hemophilia, which include easy bruising, spontaneous bleeding that stops for a long time (for example a nosebleed that lasts more than 10 minutes), bleeding due to certain injuries / actions that have stopped long, and symptoms of anemia (such as fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath , and limp). Anemia (hemoglobin deficiency) that occurs in blood clotting disorders (such as hemophilia or VWD) generally occurs due to bleeding which is a symptom of the blood clotting disorder.
Vitamin K deficiency
Cirrhosis of the liver
Currently on heparin treatment

Thus, apart from hemophilia, there are other conditions that you may experience. To make sure we recommend that you consult and examine directly first to a specialist in internal medicine. The doctor will dig up your complaints and medical history and your family, perform a physical examination, and recommend other examinations to support your diagnosis.

The danger or not of your condition depends on the diagnosis concluded by the specialist who treats you. But for hemophilia itself, sufferers can still carry out their daily activities. What needs to be considered for hemophiliacs is to prevent bleeding by avoiding sports that involve physical contact, protecting yourself from injuries (for example using a helmet or seat belt when driving), maintaining dental hygiene to avoid tooth and gum disease that can cause bleeding, avoiding drugs that have the potential to increase bleeding (such as aspirin or ibuprofen), and avoid blood thinning drugs (such as heparin).

I hope this helps

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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