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Want to ask . I have hemorrhoids. Usually when the chapter comes out of blood and it’s been almost 1 week when I wake up knowing the pants are already full of blood. Is there a solution and want to know the cause

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Hello Oedjang, thank you for asking the HealthReplies.com team.

Hemorrhoid accompanied by defecating blood can be sure to be a condition of bleeding hemorrhoids. Was there a lump around your anal canal before you had a bloody stool, which sometimes you can insert? Is the blood that comes out bright red? If both answers to these questions are correct, it is certain that you have bleeding hemorrhoids.

Actually hemorrhoids are swelling of the blood vessels around the anus. Some cases can heal on their own when the swelling is still in mild limits, and do not need medication, but if it is very disturbing, enlarges, pain to bleeding, the solution is only consultation and seeing a doctor.

Hemorrhoids are often experienced by pregnant women, someone who is overweight and someone with a history of often straining when defecating is often hard and difficult to pass. It has not been found clear the cause of bleeding hemorrhoids experienced by a person, but there could be a relationship that the pressure of the blood vessels in the anus increases, resulting in swelling around the anus, so that it becomes inflamed and so sensitive to rupture that ends in bleeding.

Apart from pregnancy, a history of constipation, and obesity, there are many other factors that cause a person to develop hemorrhoids, including:

genetics from the family often do heavy lifting, habitual activity with a long sitting position coughing / vomiting too often / continuously chronic diarrhea often straining during anal sex, bleeding hemorrhoids can still be treated, namely with ointments / drugs containing witch hazel, corticosteroids, and lidocaine, but for its use and prescription, of course you must meet a doctor or internal medicine doctor in person for a medical interview and physical examination beforehand, so that the treatment is right according to your condition.

A little about tips about bleeding hemorrhoids:

pay attention to your diet, choose foods that are high in fiber such as whole fruits and vegetables (not preserved) and avoid foods that contain too much flour and sugar such as ready-to-eat foods, and avoid fried foods before serving, and choose foods that are not too spicy . If you feel like going to the bathroom, don't delay it, because waiting to defecate will only cause the stool to be too long in the intestines so that it loses its water composition, and makes the stool too hard to pass. The result is constipation, so you have to push while defecating. Raise your feet a little higher (on the toilet seat) so that it makes it easier for feces to pass, the technically ideal toilet that can make it easier to pass stool is actually the Jogkok toilet. Avoid straining during bowel movements, because high pressure can cause the blood vessels around the anus to become swollen. Apart from straining during bowel movements, straining during the process of coughing, lifting heavy objects and pregnancy are the causes of swelling of the anal blood vessels. Don't stay on the toilet for long, because by sitting or squatting for a long time in the bathroom, the blood vessels are also more likely to swell. regular exercise to lose weight safely, and avoid having anal sex. A few of us hope it is useful, thank you

dr. Ciptanti

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