Hemorrhoid Inflammation?

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my husband aged 24 years often recurred inflammation of the ambient, sometimes until bleeding. Now the ambient inflammation recurred, but not bleeding … what ointment should you give it?

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Hello Risa Padila, thank you for asking to HealthReplies.com.

Let me introduce myself to Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Ambeyen or Hemorrhoids are swelling or enlargement of blood vessels in the rectum to the anus. This complaint is very often found in Indonesia. In the hemorrhoids themselves are divided into two types, namely internal / internal and external hemorrhoids. The difference is the clinical appearance of the patient from the outside. In the internal hemorrhoids there is no visible lump coming out of the anus, and on the external there will be a lump in the anus. Ambeyen is often mistaken for rectal prolapse, and vice versa.

To distinguish the severity of hermorids is not based on blood that comes out, but based on the degree of hemorrhoids itself. Here are the drajat in hemorrhoid hemorrhoids

 Degree 1 - in this condition, a small lump occurs in the hole in the anus, but not yet visible from the outside. Degree 2 - Enlargement of a lump in the anus that comes out during bowel movements, and will enter automatically after a bowel movement is complete. Degrees 3 - The anus lumps get bigger so a manual push is needed to reenter the hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids into the anus. Grade 4 - The lump cannot be reinserted into the anus even with the help of a hand. In treating this hemorrhoid usually the doctor will see from the above conditions, if the lump is still small and not too risky for rupture / twisting. The doctor will choose therapy with drugs - such as ambeyen ointment or ambeyen pills that are inserted into the anus. However, if the level of 3-4 has been cut off, the surgical procedure is considered.

For that, immediately see a doctor around you to get the diagnosis and the right treatment plan.

What you can do now is:

 Expand the consumption of fiber such as vegetables and fruits to smooth bowel movements so as not to aggravate the condition of hemorrhoids. Do not lift heavy objects or carry out heavy activities. If the hemorrhoid cannot be inserted, do not force it, because it can cause bleeding or twist. Do not massage to treat ambeyen. Get enough rest and take care of your diet. That's all the answers I give, hopefully I answer.

Thank you and always healthy :)

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