Hemorrhoid Medication?

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Can you get hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids without a doctor’s prescription?

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Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids) appear as a result of the swelling of the veins around the anus or lower rectum. This condition is often characterized by bowel movements accompanied by fresh blood coming out of the anus. It could also, sufferers feel sore, itchy, hot, until a lump that resembles flesh comes out of the anus.

Mostly, hemorrhoids are not a dangerous condition. However, depending on the degree of severity, hemorrhoids can also cause serious complications, such as anemia due to repeated bleeding, or also strangulation due to the blood vessels that supply the hemorrhoids being twisted, causing tissue death.

Given the risk of complications, hemorrhoids sufferers need to be treated. The handling can be classified into 3, namely:

Lifestyle changes
You can do this starting from increasing your intake of fiber (for example, fruits, vegetables and whole grains) and fluids. Avoid the habit of holding back bowel movements and also having anal sex. Avoid sitting too much, being overweight, and straining too often because it can cause increased pressure on the veins around the anus which triggers hemorrhoids. Be diligent in exercising to help improve bowel movements, thereby reducing the risk of hemorrhoids forming.
Pharmacological (drug) therapy
Several types of drugs are often used for conservative therapy in hemorrhoid sufferers, including laxatives for smooth bowel movements, anti-pain and anti-inflammatory drugs, and so on. Most of these drugs are not over the counter drugs, so it is not advisable to buy or consume them without a prescription directly from a doctor.
Other therapies, for example with hemorrhoid artery ligation, sclerotherapy, coagulation, hemorrhoid stapling, hemorrhoidectomy, and so on

You should first check your condition with a doctor or surgeon so you can evaluate what kind of treatment is right according to the severity of the hemorrhoids you are experiencing. Thus, hemorrhoids can be cured and no longer limit your daily activities.

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