Hemorrhoid Scars Still Swollen And Painful When Defecating After 3 Months?

Illustration of Hemorrhoid Scars Still Swollen And Painful When Defecating After 3 Months?
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Excuse me, I’m Oktavia, 18 years old. My height is 160 cm and my weight is 46 kg. Beginning in November 2019, I have hemorrhoidectomy hemorrhoid surgery and until now it has not healed well. To defecate still sick, do not bleed, the former operation has not been deflated. And when I asked for a PK prescription, it wasn’t given.2 weeks after the operation, the doctor was replaced because there was an obstacle, and I was only given a PK prescription and haemocaine ointment and antibiotic and anti-pain medication by another surgeon. I still eat mushy rice, green vegetables every day, warm drinking water, papaya fruit, soaking PK twice a day and using ointment 2x a day. I read it said curse capsules are good for curing hemorrhoid surgery scars, is that right? I still drink profen mom once a day in the morning after bowel movements to relieve pain . I also drink yakult at night so that digestion is smooth. Please advise postoperative care so that the former operation quickly disappear and I recover quickly. Thank you very much

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Thank you sister Oktavia for the question on HealthReplies.com.

Ambeyen or hemorrhoids is a dilation of veins in the anal area. This ambeyen is usually caused by hard stool during bowel movements. Symptoms that can be felt can be, difficult CHAPTER, CHAPTER accompanied by blood, pain during bowel movements. One of the hemorrhoid therapies is to soak in warm water, especially areas that have ambeyen, usually done at a degree of ambeyen that is not too heavy, namely degrees 1 and 2, and if the hemorrhoid has reached degrees 3 and 4, surgery is usually performed, in the form of removal of the lump that is hemorrhoidectomy.

Treatment to prevent hemorrhoid is:

1. consumption of fibrous food

2. multiply the consumption of water 6-8 degrees per day

3. change the habit of bowel movements, avoid pushing, don't hold back bowel movements

To find out the healing progress of the surgical removal of the hemorrhoid, it should be consulted again to the surgeon, and you should also avoid or consult other drugs, outside of the drug from the doctor.

Hope this helps, thank you

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