Hemorrhoid Still Appears Despite Surgery?

Good evening, I want to ask At that time I had been operating for the hemorrhoid process suffered by me. Will remain my hemorrhoid until now still sick and still out. What medicines can I take to reduce and cure my hemorrhoids inj. Thank you

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Hello Marissa, thank you for asking to HealthReplies.com.

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Hemorrhoids themselves are swelling, or enlargement of blood vessels in the lower intestine or around the anus. This disease is commonly called hemorrhoids, and can affect all ages, but most often at the age of> 50 years.

Some of the symptoms of hemorrhoids that are often felt are:

 The appearance of a lump around the anus. Itching or pain around the anus. Bleeding after bowel movements is usually fresh / red blood. Mucus discharge after bowel movements. There are many causes of hemorrhoids themselves such as:

 > 50 years old. Hard constipation. Prolonged diarrhea. Obesity. Pregnancy, or after giving birth. Having anal sex. Too often sitting for a long time. Frequent heavy lifting. There are still many factors that can increase the risk of getting hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids themselves. But most often it is due to lack of fiber consumption.

In handling there are several methods, namely a good diet, adjust diet, drugs such as corticosteroids, pain relievers, laxatives, etc. can be given, and surgery according to the indication or the severity of the ambeyen.

Respond to your complaints regarding complaints of hemorrhoid / hemorrhoids that occur to you. Previously what could happen to you is as follows:

 Since I don't know the exact time of the previous operation, it is possible that hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids have returned to you. This is possible even though it was previously operated on. During hemorrhoid surgery / ambeyen can not be completely removed because of certain medical conditions. For this reason, it is necessary to re-evaluate some of the factors that make it possible for you to have hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids. At this time you can re-consult the surgeon who handled you before can ask the complaint that you experienced. Right now what you can do is:

 Eat fiber like fruits and vegetables every day. Avoid pushing too hard when defecating. Get enough rest, and adjust your diet. Exercise regularly. Reduce weight if you are obese. Avoid risky sexual behaviors such as anal sex. That's all my answer, thank you :)

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