Illustration of HEMORRHOID
Illustration: HEMORRHOID


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Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids can occur due to dilation of blood vessels in the anal area and / or lower rectum. This hemorrhoids can occur due to increased pressure in your anal area, for example because:

 straining too much during bowel movements sitting too long in the lavatory of pregnancy and straining during childbirth obesity or overweight diarrhea or constipation having anal sex Sports lifting weights or often lifting heavy objects If you've tried to eat fibrous food but there are still other risk factors as mentioned above, then your hemorrhoid can continue to occur and can also get worse. Therefore you should try to first identify your risk factors and improve those risk factors. For example, you often experience constipation, so in addition to eating lots of fibrous foods (eat vegetables and fruit at least 5 servings a day), you are also advised to drink lots and increase your physical activity (regular exercise and not sitting or lying down). When you defecate it is also not recommended to be applied too hard. If indeed you feel your stool is hard and too big and difficult to remove, consult a doctor to get stool softeners. If you have obesity or are overweight for example, try to lose your weight, and so on.

To help deal with your current hemorrhoid, you can try to do a sitz bath that is soaking your anus area in warm water 15-20 minutes, 3-4 times a day. If the hemorrhoid is very swollen and painful, you can try separately compressing your anus area with cold compresses for the first 1-2 days only and do a sitz bath afterwards.

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