Illustration of Hemorrhoids
Illustration: Hemorrhoids

Afternoon doc, I want to ask I have hemorrhoids, sorry (outside of my anus) the size is as big as grapeseed, when inflammation is very painful, for bowel movement, but when it is not inflamed everything is as usual, yesterday when I was inflamed I drank aloe vera juice, and I am also searching for aloe mucus if it is applied directly it will be able to reduce the size of the hemorrhoids, is it really such a dock? Then what treatment should I do? And if I go to the doctor, I have to see a specialist, pa? Thank you dock.

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Hello Ulfi, Thank you for the question.

Hemorrhoids are dilation of veins in the rectum / rectum that causes the appearance of a lump in the anus. In addition to a lump in the anus, other symptoms that can be experienced by sufferers are pain when defecating, bleeding, itching in the anus. Breathing can be triggered by constipation, prolonged diarrhea, pregnancy, heavy lifting habits, obesity, long sitting habits, or have symptoms of coughing long.

Have you seen a doctor and confirmed the cause is hemorrhoids? First of all it must be further ascertained whether the lump in the anus is indeed caused by hemorrhoids because in addition to hemorrhoids, a lump in the anus can be caused by a skin tag (abnormal growth of skin tissue around the anus) or anal abscess (pus-filled sac formed due to the presence of bacterial infections). Furthermore, if it has been examined and confirmed the cause is hemorrhoids, treatment depends on the severity of hemorrhoids that you experience. The use of aloe vera does not have medical evidence that it can overcome the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Management of hemorrhoids that can be recommended by doctors can be topical medication, suppository drugs, pain relievers, laxatives, or other medical measures. If there are currently no very disturbing symptoms such as severe pain in the anus or bleeding from the anus that does not stop, you can postpone consulting with a surgeon considering that currently there is an outbreak of the corona virus. You can do the independent handling first by:

multiply the consumption of high-fiber foods, including vegetables, fruit, and nuts on a regular basis
multiply water consumption
stay active, avoid long sitting habits
avoid the habit of holding back the desires of bowel movements
avoid excessive straining
keep the buttocks area clean and dry
taking paracetamol if it appears painful in the anus that is quite disturbing

If symptoms of severe pain in the anus or bleeding does not stop from the anus, please immediately go to the nearest hospital emergency room so that the general practitioner can immediately examine you and provide initial treatment before referring you to a surgeon at the hospital.

I hope this helps.

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