Hemorrhoids Solution That Is Often Bleeding And Painful?

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Good evening doctor … I have hemorrhoid, and now I often bleed and I often get anal pain … I want to ask what the solution is …

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Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids is an enlargement or swelling of blood vessels in the large intestine around the anus. to get the right treatment it is necessary to dig history and physical examination directly. The classification or stages of hemorrhoidal disease:

Degree 1: A small swelling that appears inside the anal wall and is not visible outside the anus. Degree 2: greater swelling coming out of the anus during defecation (BAB) and reentering itself after a bowel movement. Degree 3: There is one or several small lumps that hang from the anus, but can be pushed to reenter. Grade 4: A large lump that hangs from the anus and cannot be pushed back. along with the problems above, it is usually accompanied by symptoms such as bloody, or slimy bowel movements, anal itching, pain.

for the time being you can do include:

Do not push when defecating or defecating Guard a healthy and regular diet Eating lots of fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables Drink lots of water Do not understand CHAPTER Do not sit too long Do not lift heavy weights Exercise regularly and regularly If your complaints do not improve, You should check yourself to the nearest doctor to get a direct examination and further treatment that is right for you.

So much information from me, hopefully it helps

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