Illustration of Hemorrhoids
Illustration: Hemorrhoids

Hello doc, this is Yuni .. Immediately, I have a complaint, I don’t have any hemorrhoids / embiyen, so I have difficulty defecating. Please provide clarity

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Good morning Yuni, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids and difficult bowel movements are two related conditions, but they are still different from one another. Hemorrhoids are dilation of blood vessels in the anal or rectal area, which causes lumps and symptoms such as bloody and slimy bowel movements, a sense of lumps when sitting, and also pain.

One of the triggers of this hemorrhoid is the difficult condition of bowel movements or constipation. So it is not hemorrhoid that causes difficult BAB, but it is difficult BAB that causes hemorrhoids. So, if you have difficulty defecating precisely after you suspect you have hemorrhoid, it means that there is another cause for the condition that you are experiencing, it could be that it is actually a buildup of pus, or other abnormal tissue growth.

However, to avoid misunderstanding and ensure that you get the right treatment, a direct check is needed. Our advice, check yourself to the surgeon to get an assessment of the hemorrhoid, whether it has entered the degree that requires surgery or not. If so, then it's your choice to immediately operate or not. Meanwhile, multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables, multiply drinking water, avoid straining when defecating, do not lift heavy loads, and may use over-the-counter hemorrhoids medication by reading the rules of use listed. So, hopefully answering your question.

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