Hepatitis B Treatment Based On Lab Results?

Illustration of Hepatitis B Treatment Based On Lab Results?
Illustration: Hepatitis B Treatment Based On Lab Results? hepb.org

Met night r n For the past few days I have been multiplying complaints such as stomach acid, stomach feels like it is. Finally, I checked the blood, it turned out that my HBsag result was positive, Sgot 49, Sgpt 67.Then what I want to ask is what the lab analysis is and how is the treatment procedure, secondly, it will take how long it will take for the treatment, third when the treatment has been done, can HBASG come back negative. Please explain, thank you

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It is ideal that your laboratory analysis results be consulted again with the referring doctor so that you can get more accurate and clear information.

Based on your info, the conclusion that can be reached is =

There is an increase in liver function tests (SGT and SGPT). This indicates that there is damage to the liver cells. It can be caused by many factors ranging from muscle disorders, drug side effects, fatty liver, infections, tumors to cancer.
The presence of hepatitis B infection (hbsAg positive)

Treatment procedures certainly require further examination, such as medical tests in the form of blood tests to check for HBsAb, hBe Ag / Ab, HBV DNA, liver ultrasound.

Symptoms of this infection usually appear when the condition is severe enough, that's why many people don't realize they have hepatitis.

Treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection will require the use of antiviral drugs to suppress the amount of hepatitis virus so as not to further damage liver cells and lover cells can be maintained function, can also add treatment using peg Interferon. Duration of use of the drug will be determined by the severity of the condition of each individual.

Treatment can be done in consultation with a specialist in internal medicine. With good consultation, the doctor can determine the appropriate treatment for your current condition.

I hope this helps.

dr. Yusi

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