Hepatitis Blood Test Results?

Illustration of Hepatitis Blood Test Results?
Illustration: Hepatitis Blood Test Results? researchgate.net

I just did a blood test for the hepatitis vaccine, the result was r n r n1. HBsAg is non-reactive r n2. Anti-HBs reactive cons: 140.2 r n r nWould I like to ask if it is safe about my anti HBs value? R n r nThank you in advance ..

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Hello Dawn! Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

HBsAg is a marker of the hepatitis B virus in the body. Non-reactive HBsAg means you don't have the hepatitis B virus in your body. Anti HBs is a marker of immunity against the hepatitis B virus. This immunity can be achieved by infection with hepatitis B or the hepatitis B vaccine. One sign of the success of the hepatitis B vaccine is an anti-HBs titre of more than 100. In other words, the hepatitis B vaccine that has been given on you working well and still protecting you. At this time, you do not need a hepatitis B booster vaccine.

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