Herbal Medicine For Testicular Cancer?

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herbs for testicular cancer

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Cancer is the growth of abnormal and uncontrolled cells in the testes where the cause itself is influenced by several risk factors such as:

Disorders of the testes such as testes that have not descended since birth or undescended testicles or cryptokismus, where these conditions if not repaired less than 2 years early in life can interfere with fertility and can increase the risk of testicular cancer.
Genetic history
The highest age is 30-34 years old
Height and race
Habit of smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages
Abnormal testicular growth
Immune system disorders

To diagnose testicular cancer itself through several examination procedures ranging from interviews about the symptoms that arise, physical examinations and also supporting examinations such as scrotal ultrasound, blood tests, biopsies or other examinations such as CT scans or scans with MRI.

After being known and diagnosed with cancer, the stage or stage of cancer will be determined where this will determine the next treatment plan, either by surgical removal of the testicles to prevent the spread of cancer, testosterone hormone replacement therapy, lymph node surgery for more advanced cancers, radiotherapy, chemotherapy. and also regular checkups to monitor the condition of the cancer and also the results of treatment. So far, no herbs with clinical or research evidence are found to be really useful in treating cancer or testicular cancer.

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dr. Adi P.

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