Herbal Remedies For Heart Attack Sufferers?

Illustration of Herbal Remedies For Heart Attack Sufferers?
Illustration: Herbal Remedies For Heart Attack Sufferers? Bing

Hello doctor. From the results of the hospital examination, my father had a heart attack. Or some kind of blockage of blood vessels in the heart. and when you feel short of breath, especially when you cough. I’ve been taking medicine regularly from the doctor, but until after a few days out of the hospital, there hasn’t been any change in my dad’s body and he’s still physically weak. I’m getting sad. I want to ask the doctors for advice, is there any medicine or some kind of herbal concoction that we can make a day for my papa. At least to increase his strength so he doesn’t get weak and he doesn’t cough anymore. And one more thing my papa also said the doctor had high blood sugar.rnPlease inform me.. And thank you 🙏

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Hello sister Vera,

A heart attack is an emergency condition when the heart muscle does not get enough blood supply to pump blood, blood supply disruption is caused by obstructions in the blood vessels around the heart that flow to various parts of the heart muscle. Obstacles in the blood vessels are formed from cholesterol and blood which becomes like a crust, initially small and then gradually blocking the blood flow. If the heart muscle does not get a blood supply rich in nutrients and oxygen, it will be more difficult to move blood pumping, the greater the blockage, the more severe the symptoms that arise.

Heart and blood vessel disease can be checked with a heart record or ECG, echocardiography, to angiography, which is an examination to assess the location of the blockage and the severity of the blockage. The treatment given can be in the form of blood thinning drugs, cholesterol drugs, hypertension drugs to drugs that relax blood vessels. The goal of the best treatment is to reopen the blockage in the blood vessel such as coronary angioplasty or cardiac catheterization with a balloon to release the blockage of the blood vessel crust for smooth flow, or cardiac bypass, which is to create new blood vessels towards the affected heart muscle.

It is recommended to check the patient's condition to a cardiologist and blood vessel specialist for direct examination and maximum treatment.

What can be done at home such as get more rest, avoid activities, avoid eating too full, avoid conditions or news that make you uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Eat healthy foods, small portions but often, avoid fatty and oily foods, eat more fruits and vegetables. It is better not to take herbal medicines together with medical drugs because it is feared that the results will be contradictory or harmful to the patient.

Click the article: Herbs and medical treatment. Treatment of heart attack and coronary heart disease

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