Herbal Remedies To Treat Lumps In The Temples Of Babies Aged 10 Months?

Is the drug QNC gamat suitable given to babies aged 10 months, to treat a bump on the eyebrows of a baby, a small lump if appended like moving.

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Hello Septo.

First you have to explain in more detail, when the bumps appear, is there pain and redness in the lumps, how does the chronological journey of the bumps arise. Lumps can be many things, related to infection or non-infection. Lumps can be caused by an infection of microorganisms, black teeth, allergic reactions, or tumor growth. Check with your baby first to see a doctor to get a clear diagnosis. Regarding the use of the type of phytopharmaca drug that you mentioned, we cannot provide a recommendation for use because there is no scientific basis for the effect of the use of phytopharmaca on a particular disease. Make sure the product has a BPOM number, is not illegal, does not expire, clear contents, does not cause allergic effects. One thing that must be remembered is that there is no one type of phytopharmaca drug that is able to treat all diseases. Certain diseases must be treated with certain drugs, both drugs in the form of phytopharmaca or synthetic materials.

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