Herbal Remedy For Epilepsy?

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Afternoon doctor, I am 25 years old. I often lank during my daily routine .. I can also have seizures but when I sleep at night, often until I wet my bed, saliva comes out. the doctor said epilepsy absence .. is there any herbal medicine for this illness maybe herbal medicine that can be made by yourself? does my job as a designer also influence this disease? u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003please answer yes .. thank you very much …

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Hello Hani, thank you for the question.

Epilepsy or epilepsy is a condition that occurs due to a disturbance of the nervous system in the brain, it can occur due to disruption of electrical flow in the brain or tissue damage which causes the conductivity of electrical impulses to be blocked. This condition can be characterized by several of these distinctive symptoms:

seizures in some parts of the body seizures throughout the body are not accompanied by seizures, but the patient looks dazed and loses consciousness for a few seconds However, not all of these conditions definitely indicate that a person has epilepsy. The examination needs to be carried out thoroughly to see whether this condition is caused purely by epilepsy (no other / idiopathic cause, the cause is not known with certainty), or is caused by other conditions, for example:

After experiencing a serious head injury, for example after an accident or falling from the upper floor of the house and hit the head, can cause bleeding in the brain and damage to the brain tissue itself. Brain tumors, which can cause symptoms such as seizures, unconsciousness, hallucinations or causing symptoms that affect the behavior of the sufferer, etc. Stroke or cut in the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain deficient in blood sugar or sodium deficiency Alcoholic drink addicts Drug use growth disorders from birth I suggest that you should do further tests on your doctor or see a doctor neurologist in person. Examinations carried out can vary, from CT Scan and MRI Head, to EEG or brain wave examinations. This examination is necessary because it will see the exact cause of the condition you are experiencing.

So far, there is no research that can prove the benefits of herbal medicines to treat your condition. Therefore, at this time, my advice is to try to avoid the activity of carrying a vehicle such as a car or motorcycle, because it is feared that this condition can appear suddenly and cause interference when you run the vehicle, and control it regularly with your doctor. If this condition becomes more frequent and leads to decreased consciousness or breathing problems, immediately take yourself to the Emergency Room.

Here are the articles you can read:

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Hope my answer helps.

Dr. Otniel Budi Krisetya

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