Herpes Simplex?

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Hello. I am positively exposed to a virus that causes herpes labialis. What I want to ask, what supporting tests can show the existence of the virus? Then if I do a urine test at a health agency, can the herpes virus be detected on examination even though the virus is not active? Please explain doctor, thank you.

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Herpes simplex virus type 1 infection causes fluid-filled nodules around the mouth, which mostly infect children but can also occur in adults. In adults, primary infections usually occur during childhood, which then the virus is dormant in nerve fibers. Recurrence can be triggered due to exposure to light, stress, or fatigue.

Diagnosis is sufficient based on history taking and physical examination. Herpes simplex virus can be found in nodules and can be cultured. In the absence of lesions HSV antibodies can be examined. With the Tzanck test with Giemsa staining we can find multinucleated datia cells and inclusion bodies by taking fluid contents and examining under a microscope.

Virus identification can also be done by PCR examination, electron microscopy, or virus culture. Serological tests can also be carried out using enzymes-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) specific to HSV type II. Urine examination cannot help identify the presence of the herpes virus.

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