Herpes Zoster Transmission Media?

Illustration of Herpes Zoster Transmission Media?
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Asalamualaikum r n r nI caught herpes zoster and I took the antiviral medication for more than 72 hours when I caught herpes how does the medicine work? R n r nAnd is shingles contagious? R n r nHow can you speed up your recovery? r n r nThank you

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Hello Ibnu

Herpes zoster is an infectious disease caused by the Varicella zoster virus, the same virus that causes chickenpox. This disease is easily transmitted especially if the person exposed to the virus is not fit / prime.

Actually, for those who have good immune system, the herpes zoster condition will be able to heal by itself, as for the administration of drugs both antiviral drugs will help the healing process faster, besides giving other drugs such as anti-pain, anti-itching will help reduce symptoms so that the patient does not scratch / squeeze the affected part.

Antiviral treatment for herpes zoster and chickenpox can help limit the development of bacteria, however, the type of anti-virus and the dosage needs to be adjusted to the patient's own condition, because even though 2 people have the same condition (for example herpes zoster) it is not certain the type of drug and the dose same.

Ibn's advice is to keep the body fit, that is by way

Consume nutritious food
Increase consumption of vegetables and fruit, which have high antioxidants and vitamins
Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day
Get enough rest and sleep

However, if Ibnu's condition does not improve, it would be great if Ibnu went to the doctor again so that further treatment could be given.

May be useful

dr. Arnold

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