High Blood Pressure In Pregnant Women?

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, I’m still pregnant for about 4 weeks. According to my calculations .. Because it’s late for the week and the testpack is positive .. r n r nNi is the 3rd pregnancy r nThe first pregnancy, my pressure is normal but entering the age of 6 months above my blood pressure starts to rise to 150 r n When I gave birth … I was giving birth sc. r n r nThe 2nd pregnancy only lasted 9 weeks … Dawl my pregnancy control was 150 high … my blood pressure was 130. N miscarriage because the fetus had already I don’t think so because I drank syrup that really shouldn’t be consumed .. I think it’s because of that …. or maybe because of my high blood pressure. r n r nN now my 3rd pregnancy … I’m afraid it will happen again high pressure .. What should I do if my pressure isn’t high …. N what are the restrictions that I shouldn’t be doing in this first trimester. Thank you before …

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The condition of pregnancy in a person between the first pregnancy and the next pregnancy is not always the same, it can vary, depending on the mother's psychological and physical health conditions and care during pregnancy or certain inherited disease factors.

The condition of high blood pressure is quite common and occurs a lot during pregnancy, more often occurs at a young gestational age or pregnancy at an old age, there is a history of high blood pressure in the family or in pregnancy, is overweight, or there are chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems, thyroid disorders, etc.)

High blood pressure in pregnancy must be maintained so that blood pressure is controlled and is not dangerous. Blood pressure that is too high in pregnancy can develop into pre-eclampsia or eclampsia, which is a condition of high blood pressure in pregnancy accompanied by leakage of protein in the urine. The condition of the disease in pregnancy has a high risk of triggering seizures. Therefore, for conditions where in a previous pregnancy you had experienced high blood pressure, it is very important to routinely control your pregnancy to an obstetrician.

Some things you should do:

check your condition with your obstetrician whether there is a routine pregnancy control according to the recommended time or when there are complaints it is important to be diligent in checking blood pressure during pregnancy take medication as recommended by the doctor who checks your womb for pregnancy vitamins or if blood pressure control drugs are needed, avoid taking medication - Medicines or herbs or herbal syrups get enough rest, don't be too tired, physical activity, avoid excessive stress, consume more vegetables and fruit, consume lean meat, low fat milk, avoid foods with too high a salt content, and soft or caffeinated drinks, read things related to hypertension in pregnancy, preeclampsia, eclampsia, pregnancy checks, hopefully this is useful, thank you

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