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Hello Mother Galang,

Fever occurs when an infection occurs in the body, so the immune system tries to fight against the infection. In medicine, a person is said to have a fever when his body temperature reaches 37.5 degrees Celsius or more. And usually accompanied by symptoms such as sweating, headache, muscle pain, weakness, no appetite, dehydration. Children do experience fever more often and usually, the cause of fever is not an emergency or a serious thing.

LED (Blood Suction Rate) can increase high due to various causes, one of which is due to infection. However, due to the wide range of possibilities and to determine a diagnosis, it cannot be directly determined based on the LED results alone, but these lab results must be integrated with other examination results. To be able to diagnose a disease, a comprehensive examination is needed starting from a medical interview, physical examination and if necessary, a supporting examination is carried out.

Therefore, to be sure, you should check with a pediatrician so that you can conclude about your child's condition.

For now, there are several ways to help deal with fever in children including:

Fever-lowering drugs such as Paracetamol can be given if the child has a fever. But you must always follow the instructions or rules of use given by the doctor or written on the packaging
Wear thin clothes so that body heat can escape. Make sure the room temperature is good
Make sure the child drinks lots of water. even though the child is not thirsty, make sure to give him drinking water a little at a time
Compress the child with ordinary temperature water
Make sure the child gets enough rest. Make the environment as comfortable as possible
Check the child's temperature regularly. Use a thermometer instead of using only your hands
Give food to children that is easy for your child to digest and like
Make sure the child does not feel cold or hot. Cover with a blanket just enough

Fever in children can cause complications, it is very important to evaluate other symptoms that occur with fever such as:

The child becomes weaker and has less awareness
Experiencing trouble in breathing
Vomiting is accompanied by neck stiffness or headache
The skin looks pale or blue
Pain in the stomach or pain when urinating
Fever accompanied by a rash

If fever is accompanied by the above symptoms, please take it to the doctor immediately for examination.

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