High Cholesterol And Fever?

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Afternoon, I want to ask .. my mother lately has a very high fever and sometimes it goes up and down, her head is very dizzy before she checks with her high cholesterol doctor … is it true that high cholesterol can make a high fever for days? and is it permissible to take curcuma fct in combination with paracetamol to reduce cholesterol and fever?

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Demamadalah a condition where an increase in body temperature above normal temperatures, usually more than 38'C. Fever is caused by the immune system's reaction to viruses, bacteria, parasites that enter the body. Fever is a sign of a disease, not a disease. Generally, fever is accompanied by other complaints such as headache, joint pain.

While cholesterol is a fatty substance that is found in the blood, it functions to form hormones, vitamins and bile salts. But in a high cholesterol state or called hypercholesterolemia can be dangerous because the composition of cholesterol in the blood is feared to clog arteries, especially small blood vessels such as the heart that will cause heart disease, clog the blood vessels in the brain that will cause strokes.

Generally, high cholesterol is not always symptomatic and is rarely associated with fever, but in some cases can cause dizziness, neck pain, often aching, tingling. The possibility of fever is felt now due to other reasons, for that it is advisable to see a doctor, the doctor will later do a physical examination and even require a complete blood examination, to find out the cause of the fever caused. Curcuma medicine works to increase appetite and help improve liver function. Paracetamol can be used to reduce fever. Paracetamol and curcuma cannot be used to reduce cholesterol levels.

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