High Fever Accompanied By Seizures In Children Aged 15 Months

Illustration of High Fever Accompanied By Seizures In Children Aged 15 Months
Illustration: High Fever Accompanied By Seizures In Children Aged 15 Months images.emedicinehealth.com

My sister is 15 months old and if there is a high fever often seizures. seizures are only a few seconds but when a high fever krjqng can 3-4 times in 24 hours .. What should I do? Is that dangerous?

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Febrile seizures are convulsions that occur due to an increase in body temperature which is common in children aged 6 months to 5 years. This occurs in young children with normal development without a history of neurological symptoms. The condition can look scary, when the child is having a febrile seizure. However, this condition is usually harmless and shows no signs of serious health problems. Usually, a child who has a febrile seizure will experience severe shaking throughout the body and lose consciousness. Sometimes a child will become very stiff or twitch in only one area of ​​the body.

Children who suffer from febrile seizures will experience things like:

Fever with a body temperature of more than 38 ° C.
Loss of consciousness.
Trembling violently or jerking of hands and feet.

fever can be divided into two, namely:

Simple febrile seizures that generally occur briefly, which is less than 15 minutes. Most cases of this type of seizure will occur in less than 5 minutes and do not recur within 24 hours.

Complex febrile seizures. It usually takes a long time (more than 15 minutes), occurs on some or one side of the body, and repeats more than once within 24 hours.

so the complaint experienced by your child can be said to be a complex febrile seizure, my advice should take your child to the hospital if you have experienced repeated seizures do not let this happen even though this does not cause serious problems. especially when this seizure occurs for the first time. because if left alone let alone complex febrile seizures can cause complications, One complication of febrile seizures is the possibility of experiencing febrile seizures later on. The risk will be greater if:

The time lag between the onset of a fever and the appearance of seizures is quite short.
Febrile seizures first occur when body temperature is not too high.
Child under 18 months of age when experiencing first febrile seizures.
Have another family member who has also had a febrile seizure

Children who suffer from febrile seizures have a risk of suffering from epilepsy later in life, but this risk is in children who experience complex febrile seizures. In addition to epilepsy, children with febrile seizures are at risk of suffering from brain abnormalities or Ephephalopathy. However, this case is very rare.

calm is one of the main keys to dealing with the problem of febrile seizures in children. Do this method to treat seizures with children:

When a child has a febrile seizure, avoid holding back the child's movements. Place the child in a comfortable and soft place to prevent the child from getting injured.
Don't leave the child in a febrile seizure. Watch your child's movements and behavior when you have a febrile seizure.
Avoid putting anything in the child's mouth, including drugs. This condition is to avoid children choking when experiencing febrile seizures.
Children who have a febrile seizure susceptible to foam or vomiting, mothers should position the child in a tilted state. This is to prevent fluids coming out of the mouth from re-entering the child's body if the child is in the supine position. This condition can be dangerous for children because it can increase the risk of choking.
Mothers pay attention to febrile seizures that occur in children. Generally, simple child febrile seizures can resolve on their own. If a febrile seizure lasts more than 5 minutes, immediately bring the child to the nearest hospital to get medical treatment and find out the cause of the febrile seizure.

try to keep an eye on the temperature of your child, if you have a fever immediately give the drug paracetamol to reduce fever, try not to get the temperature too high.

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