High Fever In Children Aged 1 Year?

Illustration of High Fever In Children Aged 1 Year?
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good afternoon, i mw ask. my younger brother is 1 year old high fever from yesterday afternoon. I have taken it to the midwife and took fever-reducing medicine but the heat just fell for a while. keep crying doesn’t stop what mw I ask, do I have to check the blood if the heat hasn’t dropped tomorrow?

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Hi Flaviana, thanks for your question

Fever is a complaint that is often found in children, including babies. It's best to measure your fever objectively, using a body thermometer, which is usually placed in your armpit. Babies are said to have a fever when their body temperature increases to 38 degrees Celsius or more.

You need to know, fever is not a diagnosis of disease, but a symptom. Here are some other causes of fever in babies:

Post immunization - in response to the immune system's exposure to hot weather using clothes that are too thick or layered. The criteria for fever in infants that need to be watched out for and should be checked by a doctor, namely if the fever is accompanied by symptoms:

looks weak / lethargic decreased appetite or drinking milk appears red spots on the skin (rash) vomiting and / or diarrhea shortness of breath (rapid breathing is accompanied by a pull on the chest wall) spasms appearing signs of dehydration, including dry mouth, crying without tears, urinate little / no You should check your sister's condition to the doctor, especially a pediatrician. Through direct examination, also supported by additional tests if needed (such as blood tests, urine tests), the doctor will confirm the cause of fever in your sister, as well as provide the right treatment.

Not all fevers require a blood test. Generally, doctors will recommend this examination if the cause of fever is not clear (without signs of local inflammation), high fever (> 39 degrees Celsius) for more than two days, a rash appears, and various other considerations found from interviews and direct examination. . Discuss with the doctor who examined your sister.

As an initial treatment:

make sure your sister gets enough fluid intake, either from breast milk, formula milk, or water, choose clothes made of cotton that are not thick and comfortable, you should not give clothes in layers, bathe your sister using warm water, consume over-the-counter fever relievers in pharmacies, namely paracetamol with due observance to the usage rules listed on the packaging. Hopefully this is useful

dr. Lili

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