High Fever With Abdominal Pain And Diarrhea?

Illustration of High Fever With Abdominal Pain And Diarrhea?
Illustration: High Fever With Abdominal Pain And Diarrhea? Bing

Good afternoon doctor, I want to ask, my child who is 6 years old has not yet had a high fever accompanied by diarrhea, in a day my child has diarrhea more than 10 times, besides that his weight has decreased up to 2 kg in 2 days, child I also complain of pain in his stomach when he is fed (be it porridge, team rice or even baby porridge) so that my child does not want to eat, even though he only eats 4 spoons at most, yesterday I checked at the clinic, the doctor said it might be a digestive infection, nWhat I want to ask is if a digestive infection like this should take antibiotics or not?? because I saw that there were no antibiotics among the medicines that were prescribed yesterday. so why doesn’t my child’s fever go down even though he’s been given Paracetamol??nDoes my child need to be hospitalized or can I just take outpatient care?? thank you

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Fever is the body's way of fighting infection, be it a bacterial, viral or parasitic infection. This is because with an increase in body temperature, some bacteria or viruses can be weakened and stopped growing. While diarrhea is one of the symptoms of an increase in the number of bowel movements which is usually followed by a watery form. If the two are combined, then there is a tendency to infection in the urinary tract.

Further, the possible conditions are:

Gastroenteritis. This stomach infection condition can be caused by either a virus or bacteria. So of course if it is caused by a virus, antibiotics are not needed. Distinguishing it will usually use routine blood tests. Typhoid/typhoid fever. The main characteristic of typhoid is fever, and sometimes after a week, there will be an effect on the digestive organs such as diarrhea or even difficulty defecating. This can still happen when your child actually has a fever for more than 3 days but is not detected. Food allergies. Allergies can cause many symptoms, one of which is diarrhea. While it's rare to have a fever, it's still possible and the fever itself is another condition that co-occurs. Inflammatory bowel disease. This disease is an inflammation of the digestive tract whose cause is still unknown. This condition is often associated with disorders of the immune system.

So when your child has diarrhea but does not want to eat or drink, you should be aware of the occurrence of dehydration conditions. Your child's fever doesn't go down despite taking paracetamol, which means that your child may need a stronger fever-reducing medication.

Our advice, take your child to a pediatrician for further examination, especially if he has:

Red or dark stools that look like blood Vomiting You look weak and sleepy High fever more than 39 degrees Celsius

Meanwhile, keep your child's fluid needs by continuing to give him water, in the form of water, milk or juice. If you have a thermometer you should take your child's temperature every 6 hours, and take the medicine regularly. If your child finally wants to eat, avoid feeding foods that are too heavy, spicy, fatty and don't eat too much at once. Your child's need to be hospitalized or outpatient, depending on the condition of the fluid is dehydrated or not. If in doubt, have your child checked again by the pediatrician. You can read more in detail by clicking on the following link to our article on Diarrhea. Hope your child gets well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D Basfiansa

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