High Heat In Premature Babies?

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My sister had a high temperature of 39 ° C, was born prematurely and now it’s been 4 months. I was taken to the hospital and the doctor said that my brother was just sick and wanted to be smart, is that correct?

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Hello Melia Harda,

Fever is an increase in body temperature (> 38oC), generally arising in response to viral / bacterial / parasitic infections. In addition to the response to infection, fever in infants can arise due to the following conditions:

Post immunization
The ambient temperature is hot and the clothes the baby wears are too thick
Autoimmune disease
Disorders of the central temperature regulation in the brain

Babies have an imperfect immune system, so they are susceptible to infection. High fever in infants needs examination and treatment to reduce fever and underlying causes of fever. Fever that lasts> = 3 days should be re-examined with a doctor, it may be necessary to support investigations such as blood laboratory tests, urine tests, and so forth. Fever accompanied by complaints of seizures, decreased awareness, the volume of urine is reduced drastically, the baby does not want to suckle, rashes appear on the body, vomiting continuously, are signs of danger that requires the child immediately taken to the nearest health facility.

To reduce fever in infants aged 4 months, can be done the following ways:

Give ASI / formula milk (if drinking milk) more often
Compress or bathe the baby with warm water
Do not wrap the child with a blanket too thick, wear baby thin clothes when the fever
Give the child a paracetamol fever for the dosage, if the above methods do not reduce fever or if the child is fussy

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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