High Hemoglobin

Illustration of High Hemoglobin
Illustration: High Hemoglobin

Hello, I have been blood donor 3-4 times, but after that, it was very difficult for blood donor because of high hemogoblin.

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Hemoglobin (HB) is a protein that is in red blood cells. Its function is to carry oxygen throughout the body, specifically for organs and tissues. Determination of the hemoglobin limit in preliminary examination before blood donation is 12.5 - 17.0 gr / dL%, this provision can be found in PERMENKES NUMBER 91 of 2015.

The size of the hemoglobin level depends on age and sex. In adult women over the age of 18 years, normal hemoglobin levels are 12 to 15 g / dl. Then, for adult men over the age of 18, normal hemoglobin levels are 13 to 17 g / dl. When a person's hemoglobin condition is higher or lower than the normal amount, it can be a sign of a health disorder.

Generally, the symptoms of high hemoglobin are almost not found, it is only known when laboratory tests are done. Generally, high hemoglobin levels are not always a bad risk to health. Even so, people who have high amounts of hemoglobin usually occur in people who live in the highlands, for example at the top of a mountain. When in the highlands, hemoglobin levels tend to increase because red blood cells also increase naturally and in smokers. Here are some other causes that have an effect and can make hemoglobin levels rise:

Diseases of the lungs (eg emphysema)
Having certain tumors
A bone marrow abnormality known as polycythemia vera
Using erythropoietin type drugs
Dehydration: If you have been drinking less, this could be the reason why your hemoglobin levels have increased. This is because when dehydrated, the volume of blood plasma will automatically increase. Well, when the volume of blood plasma increases, the amount of hemoglobin in it also increases.

there is no definite time when the cause of HB suddenly rises all depends on the factors and causes. there are several things you can do to reduce HB:

quit smoking
drink more water (around 2-3 liters per day)
reduce your intake of foods rich in iron, and do regular exercise.

you should consult a doctor to look for and ascertain the underlying cause of the increase in hemoglobin (Hb) moreover this happens for so long even though there are no symptoms you can to find out so that there is no confusion that you feel. Do a general medical check-up. A thorough health check is the best step to ensure your health condition.

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