High Monocyte Yield

Illustration of High Monocyte Yield
Illustration: High Monocyte Yield

In the afternoon the doctor wanted to ask … if the results of monocyte 10 are usually indicative of what the doc is … coz the chest feels painful but the chest thorax is normal ?? Do you need further examination ???

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. Monocytes are one of the constituent components of leukocytes or white blood cells whose main function is as immune system.

In percentage terms, monocytes are normally in the 2-8% range. So in your case, if your results are 10%, the levels are indeed higher than normal. However, this monocyte level calculation cannot be used as a single diagnostic tool, because there are indeed many diseases that are characterized by high levels of monocytes, such as tuberculosis infections, autoimmune diseases or immune disorders, rheumatism, allergies and even cancer. So indeed, other components must be seen before drawing conclusions with these data.

The chest pain but the results of a normal chest radiograph, a number of diseases such as stomach acid disease, pleurisy, disorders of blood vessels to the heart and heart disease can cause symptoms like that. But still, to be able to establish the diagnosis needs to be supplemented with other data such as the results of heart records, blood pressure, the results of digging history, symptoms and other lab results.

So we suggest, if your complaint persists, check with your general practitioner or internist to find out his trends through a complete examination. Or if the symptoms are very disturbing, for example, the pain is very severe, do not hesitate to go to the nearest hospital emergency room for immediate cardiac examination.

Meanwhile, limit physical activity, avoid leaving the house except for important matters, avoid cigarette smoke, maintain ideal body weight, live a healthy lifestyle, get enough rest, and multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables. So, hopefully answering your question.

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