High Platelets In 2-month-old Infants?

Illustration of High Platelets In 2-month-old Infants?
Illustration: High Platelets In 2-month-old Infants? pediatriconcall.com

Is the danger of a 2-month-old baby having a high platelet count until 663 and how can it be treated ,? Please help

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High platelets or often referred to as thrombocytosis in infants can be a reaction from a history of previous medical conditions, which can usually be caused by:

 Bacterial, viral, or parasitic infections. Inflammation, such as inflammation of the digestive tract, joints, and blood vessels. After surgery, trauma or burns occur. History of blood loss, or anemia. History of low birth weight and premature. This is because if the above conditions occur, the compounds that produce platelets will react and increase the platelets, as a result of the emergence of the conditions above, and usually indicate the condition has been completed or gradually improved. This may not have any symptoms and is relatively harmless, so it does not require any treatment other than to treat basic conditions that cause an increase in platelets (such as infections, etc.).

However, if there are symptoms such as enlarged spleen or liver, there is a history of bleeding with unclear source, family history that tends to have high platelet levels, and high platelets for more than 3 months, you need to suspect interference with the platelets themselves, and You should consult your child with a hematooncology subspecialist pediatrician to evaluate complaints, physical examinations, and additional investigations to be treated.

In addition, you should consult a doctor regarding the results of blood tests, because in addition to platelet levels, there are other aspects that need to be assessed to determine whether there is interference with children, which must also be adjusted to the complaints they have and physical examination results.

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