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Hello, good afternoon. NSy wants to ask. NMy husband is 29 years old the day after jogging lightly the next day complained of stiffness in the waist and if you rotate the whole stomach feels pain accompanied by dizziness, a little nausea, cold body and shaking. After going to the tension clinic 160/90 and the doctor for muscle problems, he was given medication and muscle vitamins. My husband took the drug only once because he felt bad afterwards. Several days after that he went to the hospital because of complaints of dizziness, the body felt shaking and cold, the temperature was 38 bdn with 160/80 blood pressure, the doctor was worried. nDo excess caffeine, salt and fat affect this? n nPlease advise. nThank you very much. n n n

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Hello Wiwit,

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Symptoms and a second blood pressure check showed that your husband's blood pressure was always high. Blood pressure that is always high more than 120/80 mmHg in 3 times the measurement at rest indicates hypertension has occurred.

Hypertension consists of several classifications:

Normal: under 120/80 mmHg. Increase: range between 120-129 for systolic pressure and <80 mmHg for diastolic pressure. Hypertension level 1: 130/80 mmHg to 139/89 mmHg. Stage 2 hypertension: 140/90 or higher. Hypertension is a very dangerous disease if not treated regularly because it can cause many complications such as stroke, heart disease, kidney problems, eye problems, etc. Symptoms that usually appear are;

- Headache

- Limp

- Chest pain

- Out of breath

- Vision problems

- Heart palpitations

- Nausea

Hypertension is divided into primary hypertension with no known exact cause and secondary hypertension due to an underlying disease. Given your husband's young age, hypertension is usually caused by an unhealthy lifestyle such as obesity, lack of exercise and physical activity, smoking, eating too much salt and consuming little potassium, eating high cholesterol, and junk food.

Consuming salt too often can cause high sodium in the blood, so that fluids are retained and increase the pressure in the blood vessels. Caffeine can cause blood pressure to rise even if only briefly and the effect is very small. Foods that contain fat, especially saturated fat, have a high risk of increasing blood pressure.

Things you can do at home to control blood pressure are;

- Change your lifestyle to be healthier so you don't get overweight

- Maintain a diet with lots of foods that contain fiber such as fruits and vegetables, consuming unsaturated fats. Avoid foods that are high in cholesterol and saturated fat.

- Reduce the use of salt in food

- Increase physical activity and exercise routine

- Stop smoking and drinking alcohol

- Reducing the consumption of caffeine that is too frequent. Drinking more than four cups of coffee a day can increase the risk of hypertension.

We recommend that you and your husband go to a doctor to find out the cause of high blood pressure, whether due to an unhealthy lifestyle or other underlying causes. If your husband is diagnosed by a doctor with high blood pressure, in addition to the lifestyle that needs to be changed, it must be controlled by consuming drugs.

This is the information that can be conveyed, thank you, hope it helps.


dr. Rizki

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