Hip Curves Are Not The Same.?

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Hello I want tny, the curve of my right hip that there is a curve and the left one there is a curve but not the curve of the right one, there is a slight difference. Well, I really like the habit of my little one who likes to sleep to the left, so there are some things caused by cheekbones u0026amp; my left jaw went in. I noticed my hip bones also seemed to be depressed too. I have tried to independently examine the characteristics of scoliosis but none of them. My shoulder height is normal, my leg length is normal, there is no pain when walking / running, no shoulder blades are protruding one, when bending down there is no protruding back. It’s just that this makes me lacking because the difference in my hip curvature looks less attractive. Is this normal and can be cured?

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Hello, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com
The human body is normally symmetrical left and right. However, asymmetry can also be said to be another normal form if it does not cause problems and there is no history of previous injuries. Maybe it's true because your sleeping habits tilted to the left since childhood, causing a slight disturbance in the development of the left side of the body's bones. If you are still in the age range of bone growth and development, namely in women before the age of 18 years and in men before the age of 22, you can try to restore the condition by avoiding sleep on the left side. In general, the maximum age for bone growth and development is 25 years. You can work until that age.
If at that age your bones are still not symmetrical and you feel insecure, you can consult an orthopedic doctor. In order to undergo further therapeutic options. Your doctor may suggest surgery if you agree.
Thus hopefully useful.

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