History Of Anemia And Blood Transfusions.?

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Date 15 starts aching legs after the pillion, after that day until about 22 feet difficult to lift or walk (do not vibrate and stiff limp) head puaing and tightness following around the last week. The back of the shoulder and abdomen are a bit stiff, it’s also difficult to change position). On the 22nd around the morning, my parents said I had a seizure during sleep accompanied by stiff hands and turned the neck area to the face, after waking up, it felt weak and dizzy (when the incident occurred in a conscious position, I could hear the parents’ voice, but it was difficult to open my eyes and shortness of breath). On 23 pm 3 pm when I was lying on my bed I cried because of the tingling of the waist to the head, dizziness, shortness of breath, vomiting, nausea, stiff and full stomach, stiff hands, cramps accompanied by bed-wetting (it felt like I woke up from sleep, which I remember me then lie down and don’t remember anything else during the incident)

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Hello Rahayu

From the information Rahayu conveyed actually what Rahayu wanted to ask, because I did not find any question from the information Rahayu had stated above.

As for some things that might be explained based on my assumptions (just assumptions from the lack of information that is actually far more important) than what Rahayu said is

1. Rahayu has a history of anemia since childhood

2. In November (I assume last year / 2018) had experienced a blood transfusion, where the indications or reasons for this blood transfusion I can not know for sure, whether due to anemia, or other factors such as bleeding, accidents, etc.

3. Rahayu experienced health problems from the 15th to the 23rd (where did not happen at what time of the month? But I can assume that this year is 2019)

Anemia in general will not cause symptoms such as seizures, the body becomes stiff and difficult to move / change position, and even wet like Rahayu experienced on 15-23, so there are other possible health problems to consider such as:

Epilepsy or known as epilepsy Head injury Brain infection (meningitis) Side effects of narcotics and alcohol use Stroke While complaints such as blue hands, stiffness, weakness, unconsciousness, difficulty opening eyes, difficulty breathing, dizziness, and headaches are symptoms from the condition of shock, shock itself is not a disease but a set of symptoms that arise due to the disruption of blood distribution (which carries oxygen and food nutrition) so that various symptoms arise and if allowed to continue can cause more severe complications or even death.

What Rahayu is experiencing is not a condition that can be underestimated, so you should check with an internist (if you are over 18 years old) or to a pediatrician (if you are less than 18 years old) so that you can further evaluate so can understand what conditions actually Rahayu experienced.

Rahayu's condition from 15-23 could have been caused by other factors apart from anemia, especially seizures which were generally not caused by anemia.

The doctor needs to conduct more targeted interviews to explore the information needed to understand Rahayu's health condition, and also conduct a basic health examination, if necessary the doctor may plan blood tests, imaging (CT-scan, MRI, X-ray images), examination of brain waves or EEG. Where each of the information from the interview and health examination will complement one another so that finally can give a complete and clear picture of your health condition

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