Hit The Child’s Back Head?

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Hello, I’m Jaya in Bogor. I have a 2 year old daughter, June tomorrow.

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Basically, a mild impact on the child's head will not cause certain impacts both in the near term and long-term impact. As long as the child does not experience any disturbance of consciousness (fainting or going to sleep continuously) after a collision, does not experience vomiting, there are no other neurological disorders (such as seizures, walking disorders, vision problems, etc.), then there is nothing you need to worry about. The lump on the head will heal by itself and you can help by compressing the lump with a cold compress. If you encounter certain symptoms (as mentioned above) in your child, immediately take the child to the hospital.

However, you need to know, that a mild collision in the head that occurs repeatedly can cause long-term effects on the brain. If your child often experiences head bumps because of falling from the bed, then you need to improve your child's sleep conditions. You can provide a barrier on the child's bed so that the child does not fall when rolling during sleep or you can put the child's mattress under (no need to use the foot of the bed) so that even if the child falls, the fall is not too high. You can also put a soft mattress around the bed so that if the child falls while sleeping, the fall does not directly hit the hard floor.

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