HIV Test At The Hospital?

Illustration of HIV Test At The Hospital?
Illustration: HIV Test At The Hospital?

Greetings, health, I want to share a little story, I am a risk factor so I want an HIV test. Initially I tested it with a tool purchased online with the brand Monotes, HIV Intec triline according to the instructions for use … I tested it on day 27, day 36, day 65, day 75, day 84 with all NR … on On the 90th day I took a VCT test at the City Hospital with the NR lab results, but only used one reagent, even though the HIV test at the health center used 3 reagents so that the results could be confirmed … the counselor also said that I was safe and didn’t need to be retested .. but I still have doubts because the RSUD lab only uses one reagency, I ask for information and suggestions that I can trust and believe in …

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HIV / AIDS is a contagious disease which when it infects a person's body, this virus can damage the immune system and make the person more susceptible to disease, even suffering from simple illnesses that are more severe and harder to heal. Another thing that makes this disease so dangerous is that until now there is still no cure for it.

Among the risk factors that can cause a person to contract this disease are:

Have unprotected sex Performing oral sex and anal sex Using unsterile needles Work in a hospital Born to an HIV positive mother Receiving a blood transfusion

If a person suspects he has HIV, what he can do is do an HIV test, of which there are various types and one of them is a rapid test. This test is effective in detecting the presence of HIV infection when used between weeks 4-12 after the risk behavior. Checks carried out after week 12 generally will not show any different results than checks at week 12.

In your case, although it should be possible for all three of these reagents to be used, given that you have repeatedly done the previous tests, and all of them show non-reactive results, your doctor may find it sufficient to only use 1 reagent. Because even if you check it only twice, that is, at week 4 and at week 12, the confidence level is more than 99%. But if you are still worried, of course you can check again at the 6th month after risky behavior at other health care facilities that provide HIV testing.

From now on, of course you should not repeat this action, because as we said earlier, if your condition is already infected, then until now there is no medicine that can cure you. So, hopefully it answers your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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