HIV Test Results Are Negative After 1 Year Of Taking Risky Actions?

Illustration of HIV Test Results Are Negative After 1 Year Of Taking Risky Actions?
Illustration: HIV Test Results Are Negative After 1 Year Of Taking Risky Actions?

1 year ago I did a little risky action with my guy who had free sex (girlfriend’s finger touched my genitals) and I had touched an open wound with my hand and after that I never did because I had separated. Then after one year I tried the HIV test with a tool that I bought online r n myself to determine whether it was exposed to HIV … and the results were negative … whether the test is accurate … or need further checking … thank you

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Hi fitri,

Thank you for asking

Need to clarify, what HIV test kits do you use?

Contact with bodily fluids free sex can put you at high risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. This infection may occur if you make contact with blood, rectal fluid, or penile fluid (if the patient is a man). If judging from the history of the actions you took with your partner, it is true that these actions can cause transmission of HIV infection (if your partner does have HIV).

Early detection of HIV is very important, because, in the early stages of the development of the disease, HIV sufferers often do not show typical symptoms. However, if it's too late to get treatment, HIV sufferers can greatly decrease their endurance to become more susceptible to infection, severe illness, and can even lead to death.

This detection of HIV can be done by serological testing. In some countries, there have been many freely traded home HIV detection kits (HIV home test kits) that can be carried out independently by people who have a history of performing HIV risk behaviors, namely by using blood or saliva samples. Even in Indonesia, even though it is not yet widely traded, you can already get this tool. However, you need to know, that each test tool can have its own sensitivity so it cannot be generalized.

Due to the limited information you provide relating to the type of HIV detection device you use, we are not authorized to assess whether your test results are accurate, or not.

It is better to get more accurate results, check yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine. There, you will get counseling and blood checking to detect whether there are anti-HIV antibodies in your body. According to many sources, this check is most accurate when done at least 3 weeks to 3 months after risk behavior. If the results are still doubtful, you can repeat the examination 3 months later.

Furthermore, depending on the results of your examination later, treatment will be given by a doctor with the provision of anti-HIV drugs (anti-retroviral) if you are tested positive for HIV, or also education so that you no longer carry out activities at risk of HIV.

Hope this helps ...

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