HIV Test Results Are Negative, Should I Have To Retest?

Illustration of HIV Test Results Are Negative, Should I Have To Retest?
Illustration: HIV Test Results Are Negative, Should I Have To Retest?

Good evening, I want to ask. Not long ago I did an HIV test on 9 January and the results were non-reactive, I first did the risky relationship in April, I stopped and did it again in September, then October, and January was still having a risky relationship, I was afraid , even though the results are already negative. But after the HIV test, I always use safety. Do I have to test again? Thank you in advance

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Hello Ahmad Arif,

HIV is an infection that can be caused through a number of ways such as sexual intercourse with HIV sufferers, using alternating syringes, especially for injecting drug users, through blood products contaminated with the virus, or from positive mothers to infants both while in the womb or while breastfeeding.

If you have previously carried out a risky action the examination needs to be done to find out whether or not having an infection where the examination can be done at least 3 weeks after a risky relationship or most effective 3 months afterwards where if an infection occurs then the body will form antibodies that can arise on examination. If a negative result is obtained, it needs to be repeated in the next 3 months and 6 months to ensure that the result is negative.

If afterwards return to risky action then the possibility and risk will still be there for it is necessary to do prevention and periodic checks. The use of safety can indeed reduce risk but not eliminate it altogether. Choose condoms and use them properly to reduce the risk of HIV transmission and the risk of transmission of other sexually transmitted infections. And if you are afraid of the risks, you need to avoid these risky relationships so they don't cause regrets later.

If you have intercourse with a regular partner, also check your partner to make sure you are not infected, avoid changing partners especially those with no known medical history because the health risks that lurk are quite varied and some of them can cause chronic disorders such as hepatitis B even until now This HIV infection can not be cured until completely.

Also read articles about VCT.

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