HIV Test Results?

Illustration of HIV Test Results?
Illustration: HIV Test Results?

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 HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks the immune system. This virus can be transmitted from sexual intercourse that changes partners, repeated use of syringes, transmission from mother to fetus, piercings or tattoos, blood transfusions. While HIV transmission media can be transmitted from semen, vaginal fluid, breast milk, consumables such as enough knives, piercings, needles and syringes that are used repeatedly, and exposed to the patient's blood when having an open wound. The HIV virus cannot be transmitted through kissing, water, eating utensils, or touching.
 A person will not be easily infected with HIV, if you have a good immune system. Unless there is an open wound from an HIV sufferer who accidentally hits a part of your body that is also experiencing injury, then the possibility of transmission of the condition can occur.

Someone who is infected with the HIV virus often does not show symptoms in the early days of infection. Because HIV symptoms will appear several months or years after infection. There is a term window, which is the time for the HIV virus to enter the body to multiply and produce antibodies. The window period generally occurs between 7-12 weeks after transmission. During this time the HIV virus could be detected or not yet detected.
 Therefore, in relation to your question, if you have taken a risky action, even if the results of an HIV test are negative / non-reactive at the first and second tests with a gap of one year, it is strongly recommended to do a routine re-examination afterwards. Even though the results of the HIV test are negative, if you have ever taken action that has a risk of HIV, the chance of transmission of the virus is still possible. HIV is a virus that has a long service life. Not infrequently the HIV virus has a long window period, so it will only be active and detected after several years of transmission that has occurred before.
 In this condition, conducting an examination and consultation directly with a doctor who specializes in dealing with HIV is highly recommended so that you get more complete and relevant information.
 So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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