HIV Transmission Through Blood Touched Hands?

Illustration of HIV Transmission Through Blood Touched Hands?
Illustration: HIV Transmission Through Blood Touched Hands?

Hello wr wb r nGood night Doctor r nGreetings to all of us. R nProduce my name Rani r nThis afternoon I’m helping my neighbor’s curette process because her fetus is not developing, so here I touch my neighbor’s blood before the curette . r nAfter the afternoon the test results came out, it turned out that he was positively infected with HIV. r n r nI have eaten and touched my food with my hands even though I have washed my hands first. r nI am afraid that washing my hands is not clean . r n r nMy questions r n Can an example of cases like the one above contract HIV …? r n r n With humility I ask for instructions from the doctor. r n r nThank you r nGreetings from me r nRani Sipayung.

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HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that attacks cells of the body's defense system, causing various symptoms which, when it reaches the final stage of the disease, is known as AIDS (Aquired Immunodeficiency Syndromes).

Transmission of this virus through the exchange of body fluids from someone who is positive for the HIV virus to another person who is healthy. In Indonesia, several ways of transmitting the HIV virus are by:

Unsafe sexual intercourse
From mother to baby during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding
Through a blood transfusion from an infected person
Using needles, syringes, or sharp objects that have been contaminated at the same time
Use of razors contaminated with the blood of people with HIV

If at the time you help the curettage process without using protective equipment such as gloves and then there is a wound on the skin of your hand that allows it to be an entry point for the virus infection.

To ascertain whether the HIV virus has indeed been transmitted, it is better if you do a rapid test at the nearest health center. Usually several stages of examination will be carried out until it can be stated negative. The examination was carried out one month after exposure or activity at risk of transmission of the virus, then reexamination was carried out at three months after exposure, and 6 months later after exposure. If the third test is negative, it is likely that you are not infected with the HIV virus

That is the information we can convey. May be useful

dr. Winda Indriati

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