HIV Treatment Due To Same-sex Relationships?

Illustration of HIV Treatment Due To Same-sex Relationships?
Illustration: HIV Treatment Due To Same-sex Relationships?

Good afternoon doctor, I want to ask about HIV a few days ago I tested the results surprised me and my fellow partner, the results were both reactive? I am required to take medication for life, can it be possible for several months or years to become non-reactive or still reactive? I was afraid I could not marry I was stressed and hit because of this incident? The second question is can I still do sex with my partner (even if I use condoms)?

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We will try to explain the question that you are asking us.

HIV test is a test conducted early to detect whether a person is infected with the HIV virus, the goal if it is detected is of course so that later the doctor can recommend treatment and prevention of what needs to be done so that the body remains healthy and not sick.

Test results that show reactive results mean that someone tested is indeed positive / infected with HIV. Usually before an HIV positive outcome is given, several additional laboratory tests will need to be performed to confirm the results of the reactive test. Basically these results will always show reactive results even though the patient has received good treatment and prevention so that his body is in a healthy and normal condition as before, but that does not mean that it is forever free from HIV infection.

If you have contracted the HIV virus, the body will make the immune system that recognizes the HIV virus, so that when tested for HIV will produce reactive or positive. When the body is able to control the HIV virus attack and ART treatment is carried out routinely and in a disciplined manner, its status is not cured but is that HIV infection is hampered and the immune system is good and will keep the body healthy and reduce the risk of HIV transmission to others. However, what needs to be underlined is that until now there is no drug that can cure HIV infection in the human body, but rather helps protect the immune system so that the development of HIV can be hampered / delayed.

One of the risks, especially the highest risk of HIV AIDS transmission is actually sexual relations with same-sex, while other risks that can cause HIV AIDS are the use of drugs with syringes and risky sexual intercourse (without safety or changing partners). So, naturally, we will answer that same-sex sexual relations even though using a condom will still increase the occurrence of HIV AIDS, especially if done on people who are clearly HIV positive.

For more details, we strongly recommend that you take ART / antiretroviral treatment as soon as possible and of course take precautions so that the development of HIV in your body does not progress faster and your immunity is maintained well and high. One way is to take precautions such as:

Avoid to have sex with more than one partner Avoid having same-sex sex Tell the partner if they are infected with HIV, so that the partner undergoes HIV testing and in the future so that the handling of the pregnancy can be planned so that it can prevent HIV transmission from mother to fetus. Avoid the use of narcotics, especially one that alternates the use of syringes. Thus our explanation, hopefully our answers can help increase your knowledge.


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