Hives Are Gone, Can I Stop Taking The Medicine?

Illustration of Hives Are Gone, Can I Stop Taking The Medicine?
Illustration: Hives Are Gone, Can I Stop Taking The Medicine?

Hay, I experienced biduran, I was given the drug Dexamethasone 0.5 mg and cetirizine HCI 10 mg each “ten items 2 × 1 day, I have consumed as much as each of the 5 item drugs, and my hives have disappeared, is the medicine allowed by me stop consuming it, what should I spend?

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Hives are allergic reactions that manifest on the skin of the human body, in the form of complaints of redness, bumps, itching, to fever. These hives occur because of allergens that enter the patient's body, so the body responds to control these allergens which ultimately causes an allergic response felt by the patient.
Allergic response, besides appearing in the form of biduran, can also cause complaints in the form of lip swelling, diarrhea, tightness, to narrowing of the airways and life-threatening. Therefore, knowing the triggers of allergies or knowing allergens that are at risk to the individual concerned, is an important step to prevent recurrence of hives or other allergic complaints that interfere with the patient.
To get treatment as early as possible, the patient should immediately consult a family doctor or the nearest hospital, so the doctor can conduct interviews and medical examinations. Treatment will be given after the examination results obtained by the doctor.
In connection with your question, if your doctor has given treatment because of indications of hives from the results of medical examinations carried out, and now you have improved after taking the prescribed medication, then you should not stop treatment immediately given by your doctor.
The two drugs that are given, you should continue 1 day later from your body recovery or intermittent from the loss of hives that you experience. This is to help provide an opportunity for your body to fully recover your condition after the previous biduran. Therefore, you should continue taking the medicine for 1 more day.
And if you experience a recurrence, then you should immediately control back to your doctor for examination and treatment.
For now, avoid physical fatigue, and avoid anything that causes this biduran complaint.
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