Hives Caused By Insect Bites.?

Illustration of Hives Caused By Insect Bites.?
Illustration: Hives Caused By Insect Bites.?

Excuse me, I want this morning. After my morning prayer, my body was all clumsy and bumpy, then I concluded that it was biduran. Before I was bitten by a large red ant, I initially had a bump on my foot due to being bitten by an ant over time and up to my face. who itching with KF salicyl powder and then I was given antibiotics by the mother (Sulfamethoxazole, Trimethoprim) then I slept for about 3 hours and my biduran gradually disappeared when I woke up and after sunbathing … So what is the cause of my insect bites? And is my healing the right way?

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Hello Yuliaros,

Thank you for asking

Insect or other animal bites can indeed cause itchy skin and bumps. Frequently, this complaint only appears confined to the area around the bite, even though in more rare conditions, a more severe reaction can occur that spreads almost to the whole body. Itching and bumps occur because the body's response produces inflammatory mediators when exposed to toxins from the biting insect or animal.

Not only insect bites, itching and bumps on the skin as you experience can also be caused by other factors, for example allergies, excessive skin pressure or friction, dry air exposure, side effects of drugs, excessive physical activity, immune disorders, viral infections or bacteria, and many other possibilities.

In fact, not all of these conditions are properly treated with antibiotics. In some cases, the improper administration of drugs (including antibiotics) can worsen complaints. Therefore, before going to the doctor, you should not consume drugs carelessly, especially those not included over-the-counter drugs.

If your complaints have now improved, you really do not need to worry. However, if the complaint returns, we recommend that you do the following tips:

Do not scratch the itchy skin
Apply calamine lotion to help relieve bumps and itching
Bathing diligently, use room temperature water, not cold, nor warm
Always wear clothes that are clean, not tight, and made of soft material
If you are tired of activity, rest
If the body sweats excessively after activity, take a shower or change your clothes
Avoid contact with substances that might make you allergic
Do not carelessly take medication if you have not seen a doctor
Stay away from excessive anxiety or fear
Always live a healthy lifestyle, stay away from alcohol
Go immediately to a doctor or dermatologist if the complaint does not improve with the steps above

Hope this helps ...

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