HNP Pain That Never Heals

Illustration of HNP Pain That Never Heals
Illustration: HNP Pain That Never Heals

Goodnight, Before I asked, I wanted to explain first .. 2018/19 I was often hospitalized because of the spinal HNP, initially it was still normal, the doctor said it was Ischialgia, a few months after my routine treatment, even more pain and on the MRI he said HNP L2- L4 and there are lesions. In 2018, I had radiofrequency at the hospital, dozens of therapies in 3 hospitals in the area but my waist was even more painful, I had to bend down and walk while squatting because it felt like it was broken, it was painful. now I have been able to do normal activities at home, but was helped by MST and several other anti-pain medications (Pct, Amitrphlne, Diazepam, Melxcam, Gapt 100/300, Nat Dicl). For now, if I go to a regular emergency room, it’s just the Supervisory Supp. Also with dexamthson, mecobalamin and others. Now, if my waist hurts, my left stomach also aches and my right chest also aches, not just tightness pain. When I take the medicine, I also don’t have the appetite all day and I want to check but I’m afraid because of the current worrisome conditions. What should I do, y? Considering that my medicine has no effect as before, Thank you Doctor. Greetings …

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Thank you for the question.

Around the spine, extends the spinal cord from which nerve fibers spread. The sticking out of the disc pads between the vertebrae (herniation of the nucleus pulposus) and the presence of lesions around it can indeed cause these nerve fibers to be pinched, and pain will appear. The intensity of this pain can vary, often between moderate to severe. When referring to your statement, which feels pain in the spine that feels to the waist, abdomen, and even to the chest, it is most likely that the location of the disorder is in the lumbar spine segment (L2-L4 as you mentioned).

Management of severe pain due to spinal cord pinched due to HNP and surrounding lesions can be done in a variety of ways, ranging from being given drugs, physiotherapy, surgery, and other therapeutic modalities (such as chiropractic and acupuncture). But of course, the above treatments cannot work alone. In order for complaints to heal more optimally, at home, you also need to do independent handling, such as:

 Compress warm or cold areas that are painful Sufficient sleep (don't overdo it), choose a flat sleeping pad, not too hard and not too soft, choose the most comfortable sleeping position Stay active for your ability If possible, exercise regularly, for example swimming, yoga, etc. (consult with your doctor about the type of exercise that suits your condition) Take care of your ideal body weight Manage your stress and mood properly Don't smoke, and don't take medication other than what your doctor prescribes. Avoid carelessly sorting or squeezing the area a painful body If you feel you have been disciplined to undergo the above treatment efforts and undergo treatment according to the doctor's advice, but your complaints still have not improved and interfere with activities, our advice, you still go directly to the doctor or neurologist. Indeed, the outbreak of COVID-19 now requires you to stay home a lot. However, if there is an emergency condition, then you can still do the inspection, of course by paying attention to security aspects, for example by using a mask, not carelessly holding public facilities, maintaining social distance (including by not using public transportation if possible), be diligent wash your hands with soap or clean your hands with a hand sanitizer.

Hope this helps ...

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