Hoarseness But Not Coughing

Illustration of Hoarseness But Not Coughing
Illustration: Hoarseness But Not Coughing

Doc, I’d like to ask. Why is there a phlegm in my throat but it doesn’t come out. And these 3 days my voice was hoarse even though I didn’t cough. In the past the voice also disappeared when it wasn’t coughing. Thanks doc

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Hello Hirma,

Thank you for the question.

A phlegm that feels phlegm, as well as a hoarse voice that almost disappears, may indicate that your throat or voice box is inflamed (pharyngitis or laryngitis). Inflammation in these two areas can occur due to various triggers, for example allergies, excessive vocal cord strain, gastric acid reflux, viral or bacterial infections, irritation, foreign body aspiration, exposure to chemical fumes, side effects of drugs, even benign or malignant tumors in the vicinity . Not infrequently, disturbances around the throat and voice box will also cause you to cough, tightness, nausea, prop, fever, and experience a variety of other complaints with varying intensity, can be mild to not feel at all, can also be severe.

As long as you don't experience vomiting, shortness, coughing up blood, high fever, or other more severe complaints, often your condition isn't serious. To improve, you are advised to try the following steps first:

Reduce unnecessary screaming and talking
Use a mask
Use an air humidifier
Avoid contact with cold (including air conditioning and fans), dust, pollution, smoke (including cigarette smoke), and allergens (such as mites, pollen, animal dander)
Don't also eat foods that are oily, cold, and artificially sweetened
Be more diligent in eating fruit
Rest and exercise more
Don't just take any medicine without a doctor's prescription

You can check yourself directly to the doctor or ENT doctor if you find your complaint has not improved for a long time, or if you feel a more severe complaint as we have mentioned above.

I hope this helps.

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