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Good evening, I’m having hoarseness since about a year ago. I like singing, especially high notes, so I used to go to ENT to check for damage to my vocal cords, he said, there was no damage. It was just an uneven distribution of the mucosa and I was asked to keep eating. u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003eAfter that, I tried to keep eating, but because I was working on my thesis, my sleep was very messy. However, after I finished my thesis, until now my sleep is still messy and my voice is still a bit hoarse. Is hoarseness caused by irregular sleep patterns?

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Hi Christian .. Thanks for the question given.

Hoarseness is a condition where the voice changes to become hoarse and heavy. Hoarseness can be temporary or permanent. The causes include:

Irritation of the airways
Vocal cord damage
The presence of polyps, cysts, nodules on the vocal cords
exposure to cigarette smoke and toxic substances
Increase in stomach acid
As a result of using the voice in the long term, for example speaking or singing for a long time, screaming
As a result of drinking alcohol and caffeine

Irregular sleep patterns can not directly cause hoarseness. However, irregular sleep can reduce the body's resistance so that it is susceptible to bacterial or viral infections that cause inflammation or infection of the respiratory tract. If your complaints still persist, hoarseness, sore throat, then it's a good idea to go back to the ENT doctor so that the doctor can do a direct examination. Meanwhile, what you can do:

Avoid smoking, caffeine and alcohol
Avoid using your voice excessively, for a while you can rest your voice first
Drink enough water
Avoid consuming spicy and sour foods to avoid acid reflux

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