Hold How Long Is The Head Under Or Down Position?

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Hello wr.wb.Hallo, good morning. I want to ask you about my head, like I did yesterday and before I did streching (coincidence), I happened to be streching my hands and feet, my head is at the same level as my knees and my position was standing so it was almost 1 in number then after a few minutes I stood up again, just when I was standing suddenly “my head was dizzy like I want to burst + my face was red and want to vomit or nausea. Why is that so? Listen ” when our heads are below or parallel to the knee there is a time, Is it true or not? Even though I often do activities like this, it’s only been a long time and it doesn’t have any effect “but now I try again how come it actually has the effect that I told you about above … Thanks for the answer, I hope the doctor and his family are given health always..Thank you wr.wb.

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Some exercises to increase blood flow to the head can be done with various types of exercise, such as aligning the head and knees when standing, the position of the feet above and head below or the position of the body curved half a circle. These exercises can be carried out with the supervision of trained personnel and the optimal physical condition of the participants, so that the exercises can run well without disturbing side effects. On average this exercise can be done in stages, from 30 seconds to one minute, and continues to grow until about 10 minutes can do.
In connection with your question, in general, the exercise that you do is a warm-up exercise that is done when you are about to be active or will be doing by the body, so that the body becomes fit and ready for the exercise that will be done. In schools or other educational or public environments, this exercise is usually done not long and is repeated, so that the warm-up is safe for the participants.
However, if you feel a complaint of dizziness or headaches that interfere, nausea or vomiting during this exercise, and this happens when you change position, then the complaint that you feel is the effect of changing positions called postural hypotension. When you change your body position quickly, changes in blood pressure and blood supply change suddenly, causing complaints that accompany this exercise. Biasaya position changes carried out gradually to keep changes in blood pressure that changes remain stable and do not cause physical complaints.
Conditions such as staying up late, stress, physical fatigue and being sick, can trigger postural complaints of hypotension, so you need to control and prevent risk factors before you exercise.
However, all this you need to make sure directly to your family doctor or your internal medicine specialist for proper examination and treatment. So the doctor can find out the cause whether due to posturalhipotension or because of other health problems such as anemia, heart problems, or early symptoms of illness or infection.
For this time, avoid sleeping late, multiply water, avoid cigarettes or alcohol when consuming, and do regular exercise.
Thus the info we can convey.

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