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hello, is it safe to treat sepsis at home? because during hospitalization at the hospital my father got an IV to boost blood pressure, his weight was low even though it was always above 140/85. and today was required to go home. can nana in the stomach be cleaned? my father’s condition right now, often cold sweats, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, and the doctor said his stomach has a smile

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Sepsis is a state of damage to various organs in the body where the damage can be life threatening due to an interruption in the body's response to an infection that is in the body. Because this situation is a bad situation, which requires close supervision in the hospital, in general based on the recommendations, it is not recommended to treat someone with a diagnosis of sepsis at home and is highly recommended to be admitted to the hospital because if not given proper and fast therapy can cause death. Reading your problem above, if indeed your father has been allowed to go home by the doctor who treated him, then generally the condition of the sepsis has been resolved and your father is in good condition to undergo treatment at home. If you are still unsure of your father's condition whether he has improved or not and whether he can be treated at home or not, it is advisable to ask this directly to the doctor who treats your father to get further explanation about your father's current condition. Regarding the problem of pus in the stomach, it is not a normal thing and whether the pus can be removed or not all depends on the cause and also the decision of the doctor who is treating your father, whether it is possible to make pus removal or not, because even though pus removal is recommended to be done but your father's situation does not allow it to undergo the procedure of expenditure it is likely that the procedure will not be done. Therefore, as has been said before, ask further about the condition of your father to the treating doctor if there are conditions that you do not understand about the disease and its condition. I hope this helps.

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